Available special mouldings: ¤ Personalization and Decoration
with IML Injection,
¤ Transfer Molding, ¤ Bi-injection Molding, ¤ Silicon injection, ¤ CO-injection.

Personalization and Decoration:
IML Injection↥ go up

Rapidplastics is able to personalize and decorate objects during the manufacturing of the object through the in mold labeling technique.
With the IML it is possible to obtain objects with higher wear resistance that with the conventional spray-painting or pad-printing techniques. The label is positioned automatically on the mold; the decoration is then encapsulated in the thermoplastic resin.

Transfer Molding↥ go up

Rapidplastics is equipped with 4 vertical presses (form 800KN to 2000 KN) for the mold injection of thermosetting resins, which are processed through the transfer molding technique.
Unlike the thermoplastics, the thermosetting resins possess the following properties:

  • High thermal stability;
  • High Stiffness;
  • High Dimensional stability;
  • Creep resistance and deformation resistance;
  • Lightness;
  • High thermal and electrical insolation;

Bi-injection Molding↥ go up

Rapidplastics own two presses (2000KN) with two autonomous injection points allowing the production of:

  • Bi-colored objects;
  • Bi-material objects;

The bi-colored injection, for example, helps highlight the company’s brand while the bi-material injection applied on a metallic insert makes the handle soft to the touch but creeps resistant.

Silicon injection↥ go up

In order to process the entire range of plastic material available, Rapidplastics in the past 10 years has specialized in the mold injection of silicones. Two 1500KN presses work the liquid silicone rubber (LSR) to produce a great variety of objects. Silicon products are currently being used in the medical field, the food industry, as well as the electronic and sports fields. The LSR are characterized by:

  • Physiologically safe;
  • Odorless and tasteless;
  • Excellent tactile and elastic properties;
  • ?
  • Resistance to high temperatures (180°C);;
  • Possibility to sterilize;

CO-injection↥ go up

Because of the highly evolved automation characteristics of the presses available at Rapidplastics, we are able to incorporate, coat or weld together objects of different materials (plastic and metals or two different types of plastics)

Transfer Molding.

Bi-colored application.

Bi-injection Molding application.

Silicon injection.

Product realized in three steps co-injection moulding.

Metal over-moulding.